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Originally Posted by Blossomingspirit
Hi, I’m hoping someone can looking something here.

I’m wondering if any one can see if I should start giving intuitive phone reading/ in home readings? If so what should be my starting price?
Please if someone can get look into this for me.

Thankful in advance ��

Like all career choices it's dependent on experience and skill.

if you are a total beginner, go for free + tips. If you have skill, ask for a reasonable price. 25 an hour sounds fair to begin with. Once you have a full schedule you can raise your price.

How many hours of reading, practice, study, etc, have you put into it? If you have documented your progress (like in school) you will have a much better chance of getting return customers (which is what makes or breaks a business). for example have lists of books you read, notes on those books to demonstrate you understood and can remember, etc. have some certifications, etc. all those things help you establish credibility.

Here are some rough guidelines to go by in terms of how much studying you need to put in.
100 hours will give you a base idea.
250 hours will give you a fair bit of skill, a whole lot if you are a natural.
1,000 hours will give you a beginners level of expertise.

If you put in 4 hours a day to study, that is like 25 days for 100 hours. If it's really your purpose then that should be easy as cake.
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