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Hi Pounamu

Yes it is, very I would say you have hit the nail on the head
At the minute I think he is still on no1 but getting there everyday up until 2 months ago he had been a total sceptic but I finally talked him into going and seeing a medium because of his problems and it is that which has bought all this up.
She too has done quite a bit of healing on him and each time I can see the changes even if he can't see them himself, but I think the biggest hurdle for him was to actually believe in all this which after certain things have happened he can't not :)
Its funny really but I sensed a chage last night, just little things and then woke up this morning to find an email from her to say she had done some more work on him yesterday evening but I think ( if I've got this right) he needs to help himself too? and by eventually believing the big changes will then happen :)

I hope you don't mind but I will print off your post for him to have a good look at and hopefully understand what he has to come to terms with.

Thank you again

Michelle xx :)