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Originally Posted by paragon
I've already spent years and thousands of dollars trying all that. Nothing works permanently. Before that I tried psychiatrists, who didn't even work temporarily.

Hello Paragon, it seems that you haven't been online for a while & you haven't quite found your solution. This is my two cents...

Firstly, the idea of seeking God & finding a void is indeed a Catholic concept, but it isn't one that is reflected in God's Word. If you seek God with all your heart, you will find him, & God is never to far away, actually, he is closer to you than everything else.

Now Paragon, this is it with you; you are straying down an opposite path contrary to the Will of God. You are a servant of God, a dispenser of the Gospel, a Fisher of men & that is your life's purpose. You hold inside you the Gift of Healing.

Getting on this road to service is easy, but sustaining it is a little challenging. Like the disciples, your first gonna need a guru (Christian of course), & that will get you started. This spiritual guide shouldn't be window shopped, but rather that you pray to God concerning this person.

Also know that the road isn't ended for you.

Best of Luck.
Spare me the religious names, I'm just a friend of Jesus.
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