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Originally Posted by Altair
Do you think we could see a real Matrix experience in this world, in the future..?

I am not talking about our material world and illusion/desires/attachment as covering our spiritual senses and preventing us from seeing what we really are..
This is not about any metaphor, I'm thinking about a real matrix, like in the movies..

We know realistic Virtual Reality is coming at some point. If that technology gets developed further we could link up our experiences in a collective VR..
If that experience is controlled by authorities we are not far from being in an actual matrix, minus the AI and having our physical bodies actually sleeping.

Do you think this will become a reality?
And do you think it is desirable? What would be the pros and the cons, if any at all?

What's sad is its already like that only you don't realize it because the Tell-a-lie-Vision has done its job of teaching your inner vision to lie to you.
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