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Like Native Spirit said, for good measure consult your doctor first. Conventional doctors won’t tell you milk thistle or any herb is great, after all none are FDA approved...but...I would first have a basic blood panel done by your doctor to make sure everything is functioning normally.

What I’ve learned is that there is a great wealth of information available online about superfoods, super herbs, vitamins that are so important for the function and prevention of this disease and that disease, keto diet, paleo diet, blood type diet, vegan/vegetarian diet etc. etc. BUT...each of our body chemistries are so unique that if we followed these diets and took these miracle herbs before knowing what is going on in our body specifically, it can actually do harm.

With that said, I have had intense bloodwork done and have been working with a holistic doctor who put me on a milk thistle liver detox pill and I just finished a whole bottle. I’ve taken it as she prescribed and I actually feel better. No adverse side effects for me. But please get some bloodwork done and check with your doctor first.
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