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You really should google liver cleanses - there are some very good ones!
Ha, I remember one with stewed dried fruits for 3 days. Gotta wrap your mind around it to get in the 'zone' to do it.
Ha, or soaking org rinsed raisins overnight and drinking the water.

Milk Thistle is a miracle.
Rem that at 3 am the liver does it's night time capsules are good, plenty of water.

Pls, if you are a coffee drinker ----only buy organic. No alcohol while cleansing, of course.

(Kidney, gall bl, liver all work together....learn liver acupuncture points yourself - stimulating them....
with needles, online 1000 for $7, or toothpicks, or the end of a ball point pen, retracted.)

Do Uva Ursi tea every morning to stim the kidneys for the liver flushing.

Another thing is organic brown rice "only" for 21 days. Learn all u can about the Liver! ....check Duke Univer Diet.
The motels are full of people doing the Rice Diet, it's cute...Chapel Hill, NC.

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