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Originally Posted by Altair
I explored my take on your questions in the 2nd paragraph of the post you quoted. The 1st paragraph was a response to SOL.

Allow me to rephrase my points and clarify them better...

1. Assuming we reincarnate, we no longer are the person we were in a past life. We had different genes, family, culture, opportunities, and environment in the past life. Similarly, we have different genes, family, culture, opportunities, and environment in our current life. Perhaps we forget the past life because of this.

I do not know where, how, and if *karma* plays a role along the lines.

2. A good question. I can't really say whether other people actually have past life memories, or whether it's something else. How can any of us know that? We have a choice to believe them or not believe them, or say ''I don't know''. As I cannot know why some do and some don't, it would be premature of me to conclude that they would be ''more advanced'', more intuitive or any other popular explanation. I simply cannot know.

I realize this answer is not necessarily satisfying to everyone's tastes. Sometimes it can be good to ask ourselves where the question itself comes from, and see if we understand what we are talking about and which assumptions are present at the start.

Hi Altair and thank you for your response.

My initial response to my own questions is that , "I don't know", reason why I am asking. Because, my initial response is "I don't know" , I begin from zero with my cup complete empty , making or posing these questions and open to responses for these questions that obviously , I welcomed or invited.

I may not have a response but for surely, every once in a while , a hypothesis or assumption that I don't like to make would have just popped up. However, I am a person who needs answers, not assumptions.

What made my person ask or inquire is what Slayer of Light also brought forward, in a way he said that past lives experiences may have shed some light and understanding for his current life, situations, experiences and "difficulties" in them.

As for your 2 responses,

I n regards to the first response, I agree that we may have a different culture , opportunities , environment etc but, I disagree with having a different self and being a different person.

I think there's the soul self as it is my belief that there's a soul memory. This soul self , the personality and character of another on a soul level,
is not just what another, truly and really is, as a person but that is everlasting and unchanging.

Completely contradictory in a way to "all is everlasting and changing" . Yes, all is everlasting and changing but, the soul and soul self.

The environment may change another now to such an extent that may lose completely touch with who and what they truly are as persons and their life experiences, environment, culture and all that goes with it may control another to such an extent so as to make their personality, a false persona in this case that does not assign at all to who and what they truly are on a soul level and may be completely contradictory to their real soul self.

In other words what I believe is real and the real or true personality of another is this soul self that may be left completely undiscovered by another and journey of discovery within , (in a way this is what constitutes for me) never undertaken.

In other words it can all be reprogrammed and predestined not by the soul self itself and person but, the environment, culture etc.

In regards to the second response,

I know that what I have up to now remembered
which were really not enough for all pieces of a puzzle, how I see it, to be placed together other than in the last memories that explained way too many things for this, my current life, are real because of the feelings that went along with these memories, reliving literally the experience right there and then in time, as if I was right back in time the specific lifetime and experience.

If it was scenes and mental images then, I would have questioned this completely but, this was not the case.

The battery of my phone is running out so I will send this response out prior to losing all that I wrote.