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ahh I'm so glad about this! You said the other day for me to keep shining my light & love and he will follow suit if he wants to, which this dream shows he is which is excellent! I felt so blessed that I was in the dream with him and a part of his healing with him too. All these name meanings lately have been so accurate and meaningful to me its fascinating and I love how my dream messages are being communicated through people's names! Innocence and Gods gift links in with the other dream interpretation you made, saying that we are all innocent in Gods eyes, amazing! We both feel like that at the moment with life generally, the more I see the truth inside myself, the more I see his truth and how our experiences and who we are is so similar! So glad that we are both healing, it is starting to show in our lives definitely how we interact with each other, its just everything outside of ourselves hasn't caught up yet or still needs healing so I'm glad to hear this. We are both critical of ourselves but hide it, when we open up we realise how much we do and about similar things, so I will focus on this and help him as well. Whenever we seemingly 'fail' we do feel guilt, blame and worry and then try to be perfect and live up to expectations, avoid wrath etc as you describe so that really resonates! When you wrote about innocence before, I did wonder how do I/we go about that, so thank you for what you have said, I do have imaginings at times that I can remember seeing myself as God see's me and its all love & acceptance, so this I will work on. Thank you Michelle!
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