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Am interested in either obtaining a bio-resonance scanner, or finding a local service/practitioner.

There are various devices out there - The 8D-LRIS, [3D , 8D or Hunter], EDS 2000

Some other interesting devices is the 'David Paradise XL' & Zyto.

All kinds of devices out there. BioChargers, Tesla Coils are interesting as well.

Have obtained another basic single channel signal generator, ordered 2 more Spooky2 remote units, & 2 BNC cables. To integrate with one of the radionic machines.

Is anyone else here into &/or experimenting with all this stuff?

Am running 4 Spooky2 Generators with remotes, 2 FG-100 DDS Generators with remotes (one integrated with a Spooky Radionics) 24/7. Also using one powered 3 dial radionics machine intermittently, one un-powered 7 Dial radionics device, & 2 programmable Schumann Wave Harmonizers. Also work with a Tachyon generator, & number of crystals.

If someone wanted a go with it all without much money -

An FG-100 DDS function generator, can be picked up for about 30, & can be integrated with Spooky2 Radionics.
i also use another FG-100 DDS input directly into a remote unit. The romote units are reasonably priced.

You could set up a basic system for 50.

You could also use something like the Mohoo FY2202S 2MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Signal Generator (& other Dual Channel Generators), that should be able to be used with boost cable.
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