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Psychic reading

Hello everyone :)

I must add to this conversation. I am a twin flame, I went to a psychic reading one day just to see what it was all about and I had awakened spiritually for a good 6 years. I went open minded and I didnít ask anything, did not mention I knew about my twin flame either. She actually picked up on my twin flame and actually felt how amazing his love is. It was out of the blue for me, and was unexpected. I had a huge smile on my face because I knew I was hoping I would hear about my twin flame! That did actually make me realise I wasnít dreaming, it is all real. And she even said, it is real what I was going through. I wanted to hear this myself, and I actually did! Hand on heart did not mention a word about what I was feeling and going through.

Honestly made me think at that moment about how Iím not or werenít going crazy for the past 6 years of awakening to my twin flame. Iíll never forget that moment when I could not believe she mentioned him. This also happened around the time I was really just getting to understand what a twin flame was, and just happened to come across the term Ďtwin flameí.

Have to say incredibly humble to this day still for awakening and understanding that love is purely who we all are and embody deep down. If only everyone could find that purest unconditional love, the world would be literally like heaven on Earth! :)

God bless you all!
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