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Do you or anyone else have any advice to give on learning control and to feel comfortable when in the process of AP?

It seems to me that I have begun to do it, without meaning to, while I sleep. I often go to visit people. The main problem with this is that I tend to feel a lot of fear during the experience. Sometimes it is nice but it always ends with me waking up in fear. I ask here particularly because this has been happening for a few nights now, and then today I hear the ringing in my ears again and thought of white sky and this thread!

Although I am aware, while asleep, that this is not a normal dream, and seem to be semi aware i'm dreaming (It seems like a dream except impossibly vivid, I sometimes go to places I know, and I can feel energies in the dream which I normally can't, and I can control my own actions, even do things energetically, but I can't control where I'm going or anything similar.) I am not yet fully aware I am asleep when this is happening.

Thank you!
Thank you!
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