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Actually I just got the message to add to this message ;

"For those of you who have not been sent on a specific path just yet; the change is happening a an accelerated speed at this time. Please, pay attention to your surroundings, appreciate the awareness change in people close to you, support them. Observe them and hold their space as they walk through the patrially painful process or awareness.

Also, stay open to the greater change on an accumulated level - in society. Be the midwives of change, with a calm, gentle presence let yourselves be known but stay out of the way for the natural process of this change.

This will ease the transition and gel us all together in sister- and brotherhood, for the work that lies ahead.

Love the newbornes, know they'll soon be fully grown and be part of the divine all-powerful collective we're in."
Love and Light - and Life!

And we turn our attention to the world, not away. We receive our learning from the songs it sings and the choir of One we're all in.

And while we walk gently, we generate love, healing, the most powerful energy of all, Life!

Soaking in life, we spread the light <3
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