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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
Nice! I am going through a metamorphosis concerning love of self. Nice to see how I am doing!

1. Who are you (concering love of self)?
Queen of Athames. Becoming more assertive, taking (back) control of my life, standing in my own strength more and more and from that place expressing myself to the outside world.

2. What do you want? 2 cards came out, both major arcana, interesting.
Death & Strength.
I want to finish the transformation I'm going through (and hell yes, do I want it to be over!). Healing wounds, letting go of what doesn't serve me anymore. (Death)
Strength: So I can emerge with inner strength and balance. Knowing who I am and what I'm worth and never letting that slip anymore (which usually happens in a love relationship).
These are indeed big big lessons and themes for me, which explains the two major arcana cards.

3. What do you need?
Harvest (Judgement). I always love this card, except in RW, lol. Another Major btw.
Loving myself, having liberated myself, being authentic, reborn, feeling worthy, and not so tied to fears from the ego anymore. And lovingly sharing, equally giving & receiving, without judgement, but from a place of love.

Dang, that all does resonate!

Some pretty impressive cards signifying some pretty major stuff going on FairyCrystal. Well read too.
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