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Self Love Tarot Challenge

Okay my lovelies ...

Who's up for a Tarot Challenge? If we want to do this for the month of March, we'll need to catch up a few days.

1. Who are you?
2. What do you want?
3. What do you need?
4. What's your best quality?
5. What's your worst quality?
6. How do 4 + 5 work together?
7. How to better your worst quality?
8. How to strengthen your best quality?
9. Your mind
10. your heart
11. Your soul
12. How you see yourself
13. How you want to see yourself
14 How others see you
15. How you want others to see you
16. Why you want to be seen differently
17. Why you're a beautiful person
18. How your inner beauty helps others
19. How your inner beauty helps you
20. How to grow via your worst quality
21. How to grow via your best quality
22. How you're growing in general
23. Why you are loved
24. Why you will be loved
25. An amazing trait you have
26. A hidden talent
27. Your current goal
28. Love coming your way
29. Love that'll make you stronger
30. Love that will help healing
31. Why you should love yourself
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