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Honoring him today

Originally Posted by scorpiowitch66
Tiss, I do not know how this could have been buried. Wonderful of you to find it, primrose.

Such a loving gift for you to find.

I found your comment today after 2 months you made, thanks dear scorpiowitch66!

Seems the destiny of this thread is to stay hidden from the noise and enthusiasm of other SF exchanges, as if it were in a fresh and secluded forest.

I came here now as it makes 31 years today since my beloved gave me the first kiss. It was not just a kiss, it was a definition of two lives. We stated it as our anniversary and our wedding rings have engraved that day: 9 Apr 1981.

When I met him he was a young, attractive, powerful, and passionate man... and I was a very very young woman, 20 years younger than him, very inexperienced and with everything to learn. He came from a failed marriage in his early 20's and so I did. He leaded many people. He had many people around him, many adulators, many women trying to win him, but he knew how to stay apart of all that.

He had huge ideals and the purest heart I have ever known. He knew how to forgive and he helped many people. I admired him in silence. One day he invited me, and when he was bringing me back home, we took a walk and he kissed me. He said: "I would like that time stops right now." That contact was the biggest definition in our lives. The magnetism was immediate. The following day I invited him to visit my home and since that day he stayed with me for ever. He taught me most of what I know. He called me TISS.

We always knew that we were a cosmic couple tied by the bonds of unconditional love, from the beginning to the end of time. We did lots of good things together for us and for other people, and we enjoyed every moment during all these years, in good times and in adversity. And it was like that until his last day in this earthy life. He departed in Nov 2010. I would have wanted to be in his place to avoid him any kind of suffering. But I am pretty sure that he went to the other side with a big peace. His last conscious words were: "I love you."

He became one of my guides in spirit, and I had amazing manifestations from him.
After his departure I started my spiritual life, not existent before.

Today I want to honor him and thank him for every moment together and for all what he taught me. I accept everything which could come in this life with the faith that he is awaiting me at the end of the road.

Dear friends, I will appreciate with my heart from you a prayer for him and for me in this our anniversary.

With much love and light,
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