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Thanks so much, dear primrose, for your compasionate words. And also, for discovering this unreplied post.

I must confess that I felt disappointend when nobody commented it, but acceptance is a key part of my current learning.

He was a wonderful man, undescribable wonderful. The one and only person whom I trusted in my entire life. Hopefully he is still with me. Such belief is what helps me go ahead.

My human part, however, misses him here and now in all the ways you can imagine. Many things in my life ended with his departure, and I still have trouble to enjoy. But be it! I accept everything to come up, if he will wait for me at the end of this path.

With much love and light,

Originally Posted by primrose
Tiss I just came across this, it's beautiful, he sounds like he was a special man. You must miss him, know that he feels your love still. Thanks for sharing this.
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