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Thank you vespa and desert rat.

No I haven't asked him specifically to come. Sometimes I will tell him sorry for what happened and tell him I hope he is okay. I was told by a medium that I have some mediumship abilities as I have had other deceased persons come to me. This is why I am surprised he has not. I am not sure if he went to the light. Weird thing is that I had a reading by someone who claimed to be a medium (how to know for sure though) and he told me my father was upset with my current bf. He would have reason to say this as before that happened my bf was drunk and angry and getting physical with me. (I can handle him, he hasn't done it since and if he did I would kick him out, another story) ANyway, he also said my father was apologizing for our fall out. He said things that made me believe it was my dad (same kind of jokes my dad would tell "It was the medication they had me on!" and laughing---yeah, that sounds like my dad, always the joker). I wish I could know for sure. This medium said dad was hanging around me but he sent him to the light. Again, don't know if that is even true because how am I to know for certain right?

I hope he is in the light and happy and no longer suffering. I hope he is with his family. I just still feel abandoned by him. So it's hard. I'm a social worker by profession. I would send me for therapy! It isn't like it bothers me to the point I am depressed or anything though....just more a curiosity than anything.


Thanks again for the replies. Maybe I will find out for certain one day.....or if someone can recommend a good medium.
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