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Originally Posted by Ziusudra
I think there is I as in my human consciousness and there is another I belonged to my soul.

So, I feel the same way as you, in fact a lot of us feel the same way.

I feel temporary contentment when I attain what I try to attract through my human consciousness. Then, I loose that feeling after a while then it leads me to create another attraction.
I believe... This is how it should be as those discontentment leads to next mission, next lesson and to next destination.

Sometimes, I question myself why I can not just be happy where I am in life. But~ no~ I have to move on to next and to next. It is very tiring sometimes.

Being in the moment and finding stillness of heart and soul

Maybe there is no actual truth, it just keeps changing as we go. The truth is, it's our collective dreaming.
The less I know the more I understand.

My Spirit finds refuge in the wind.
The indwelling Spirit of God.
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