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Originally Posted by Moondance
Stop for a moment and do nothing… very soon the momentum of existence will reveal itself… this event of Life simply happening - apparent at all points and at all scales of the cosmos. It is enigmatic to human cognition - not because there is anything supernatural about it (although it might be said to be preternatural) but because its deepest nature is beyond the limitations of human comprehension.

It presents as an ineffable power, creativity and intelligence - effortlessly producing black holes, repairing cells and DNA, converting light into sugar, creating the orbital energy of the electron and the poetry of Rumi.

Nothing stands apart from it - yet it arises as endless variation, individuation, uniqueness and wonder. It is conceiving you*/creating you, sustaining you, directing you, determining you, realising you… and yet the mind identifies as a separate, enduring and immutable form within this event of Life. Waking up to no-separation is waking up from this habitual dream of separation to the simplicity of just THIS… as it is.

And although the body-mind-matrix is the apparent locus of experience (experience happens here) and we conventionally ascribe sovereign functionality to it, it is not other than the movement and actualisation of this radiant principle which knows no separation.

* The ‘you’ in question is the (so-called) ‘conventional self’ which is synonymous with this body-mind-matrix that I think of as me. As can be discovered on inspection, it is not a separate, enduring entity, it’s closer to an activity which is impermanent and without inherent existence - arising ever-fresh in each (now) moment as a (relatively consistent) matrix of perceptions, feelings and thoughts.

so as usual you are telling me I have to go somewhere I'm not at already to get something important that I should have. Oh well....
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