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Originally Posted by open2it
I don't care what a religion believes because religion in my opinion is man's personal interpretation of the unknown according to what he hears or reads.

I don't care if any religion believes reincarnation is just a false teaching. I have known quite a few people that have had experiences in this lifetime that seem to point to their past lives.

As far as the belief we will either go to hell or heaven after we die is in my opinion a crock of false teaching. If one looks at the bible it seems to describe heaven and hell are right here in this life we are living. I don't remember ever hearing the verses talked about in church. Perhaps you have heard the verses discussed or explained in church.

I believe when we die our spirit/soul leaves this body but like Christ said " death where is thy sting". That by my understanding is saying we don't just rot in a casket or are burnt to ashes if we are cremated. Death in this life is not the end of us. If reincarnation is just a false teaching then I wonder why the souls cried out for their body. I am guessing in the hereafter we know we can again live in another body.

Now I am going to blow all I said out of the water. I consider myself a new age believer. I believe New Age is the Old Age and I believe Christ himself would be considered New Age if he walked the earth now. The Church had him crucified for teaching he was one with God and in reality so can we be. The Church and government couldn't have that. Today the Church and the government still don't want the people to know that.

I agree with you that New Age is Old Age and those who criticize it should do a little research. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun.
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