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Originally Posted by Tanemon
Posting two days after my last post, above...

This morning we woke up to find the main outside door again open a couple inches. It must have opened while we were sleeping. There was no sound, nothing woke us up except the usual time for arising (the "inner clock").

But something else happened, too. My partner is an artist (sculptor) and has a studio in a separate building on our property. Yesterday, she was in her studio working while I was off the property. This morning, she told me that while I was gone, she'd heard the distinctive sound of her front door of her studio shutting (she was in the studio's second room at the time). When she went to look, there was no one there, inside or out.

Interesting. It sounds like something is really trying to get your attention. Just a thought; Maybe try placing a heavy object (chair?) in front of the door that opens the most frequently. Also, if you or your partner feel comfortable; The next time a door is found open, say out loud "I see you've opened the door, I prefer it closed but thank you" or something to the effect of acknowledging your "guest". I would just say it calmly and then go about your business. So far, it appears to be more about getting your attention. Nothing horrible about that, just that startled/unnerving feeling. Unless of course, you or your partner feel uneasy at all (apart from finding the doors opened/unlocked).

It might be someone you've known (any recent deaths in the family?) saying hello or someone unknown curious about you and trying to get your attention. Sometimes, just acknowledging their presence helps. Keep us updated
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