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Nah, it's not that exciting actually SkyGodWarrior.
Maybe it would be if I'd had zero talents/abilities going in, but at this point the students ask me why I'm even there and the Instructors don't like my questions.

Today in fact was sorta totally sucky.

When I ask something I actually don't know the Instructors don't either and ego's get in the way cause the student is talking over the Instructors head with first-hand experience. I usually end up feeling a bit alone and have to talk to Spirit and my Team (Angels, Guides, etc) to sort out what went wrong and why.

Going to Mars and opening Vortex's is something I do for pleasure and am pretty sure there would be lectures about it not being safe from Instructors who don't even know how to get our of their bodies.

As to Pell grants, probably not..... lol, but the tuition is half that of a trade school, so you could probably work out a way to make class a couple times a week if you really wanted too.
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