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Originally Posted by Faith33
Lucky1, your grandson is a very impressive young man! I love how he's creative and a go getter rather than being on an electronic device all day, like most kids are in this technological era.
One thing I've noticed this summer, spending it in the U.S, is that labels are so easily "passed" around, especially to young children. I have a cousin who was worried about this very thing, being that her 8 year old daughter doesn't fit the mold of whatever is considered "normal" in her school district, therefore causing unnecessary stress on the parents that will eventually branch out onto the child.
I yelled at her in my loving way, of course. There is nothingn wrong with her child for goodness sake! Why does everyone have to behave like a zombie these days? And something else I've realised is that those who weren't pressured to conform with whatever standards, and were encouraged along the path they felt was best for them, are by far more successful than those who have.
Not everyone is going to be a scholar, but that doesn't mean they won't be successful in life.
Nick sounds like a kid after my own heart. Blessings to him and may all his dreams and aspirations materialize.
Beautifully said Faith.
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