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Corrections to settings, after new info -

Changed "Sort Frequencies Ascending" to "Do Not Sort." Some sets are designed to knock out pathogen components in a certain order. When you change that, the set may not work correctly.

There's no benefit to entering any value other than 1 for "X" on your square wave.

Inadvisable to change the "X" values for any of the damped or H-Bomb waves unless you know exactly what you're doing. These values are what construct the waves internally. Spike values are fine to change though.

With individual wobbles for frequency and amplitude, have set the Apply menu to "Frequencies Directly" because it's wobbling an already feathered signal.

Seems that's it for current Frequency Programs. Will leave current Programs running & monitor results.

[Note - To run full spectrum sweep(s) you need 2 remotes]
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