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Originally Posted by LadyImpreza1111
Nope. In the event of a possession, the original spirit is ejected from the body and sometimes it wanders about oblivious to the fact that it is still alive unless it has a chance to communicate with someone who can say, "Go back to your body."

And when the original spirit leaves and another one takes its place, its a soul exchange, not a walk-in. An example of a walk in is when a spirit might "walk-in" to a living person's energy field to perhaps communicate clearer than they would if they were further away.
wow, that's a completely different set of terminology.

FYI, I have personally witnessed other entities in partial control of a body when the original soul was still in there. I have also witnessed trance mediums get pushed aside but not out by a 'friendly' spirit who came to talk (in the physical by using the body). Clearly the soul is not immediately ejected, however, that does not clarify as what to define as 'possession'.

Even by my definitions, the 'walk-in' term has gotten to include so many phenomena that it has become a nearly non-descriptive word.
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