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Haha the infamous 11:11/1:11. As far as I can tell from personal experience, these are legitimate occurrences of spiritual synchronicity. Meaning that they are indeed "signs" of a sort.

I experience them A LOT. And by A LOT, I mean (literally) every day now, but occasionally I may miss one or two here and there. But overall, it's a constant presence in my life. From glancing at the computer clock, or checking how much time a song or lecture I'm listening to has left to go, to text message and phone call times to number plates to unlikely coincidences of various kinds. It varies in intensity, but the past couple of weeks have been insane. But it means different things every time!

For example, I had a trip planned for Bali earlier last week. And I was struggling over the decision of whether or not to go ahead with the trip, because (long story short) I suffer from intense acute pain in my lower body for some undiagnosed reason. Anyway, I experienced several distinct synchronicity moments leading up to the trip.

One of these included receiving a picture message from my sister (who was already in Bali with my parents, waiting for me) of a wild monkey in a tree - at exactly 1:11am, my time! & I'd been talking a lot about monkies & lemurs and the various spiritual temples etc. in Bali with a friend the day before, while the question of whether or not to go despite my terrible state of health weighed heavy on my mind.

I interpreted this as a sign that I should go anyway despite my concerns, of course. Wrong! The night before my flight, my pains flared up real bad and I decided the next morning 3 hours before my plane took off that getting on a 7 hour-long flight by myself and spending 9 days overseas in a completely foreign land was, in fact, a terrible idea. So I cancelled my flight and didn't go. And I was pretty conflicted on the issue to be honest. I had a cry, even. 23 years old, full of life... and yet I'm stuck at home, near-crippled by some unknown physical trauma, while my family's off exploring the world and loving life.

But then I had a realization, and I literally burst out laughing. I was lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself when it hit me: the biggest problem I had in my life that day was the decision of whether or not to go to Bali or stay home in my beautiful house on a mountain surrounded by trees & flowers & garden & life. And my dog woke up & looked at me with his big loving eyes, and I realized that although Bali would have been fun - I don't need to travel anywhere in order to experience peace, inner happiness or love. It was right here with me, surrounding me, all along.

And when I checked my clock after the moment of insane laughter passed... the time was 11:11pm. So, it turned out I was right all along. It was the right idea to go to Bali. That is, right up until it wasn't anymore. And then it was no longer the right decision to go to Bali, but the right decision to stay home. If I'd gone to Bali, I'd have only experienced the depths of my limitations which would have depressed me and made me feel as though I was missing out on something. But since I stayed home, I've experienced a full transformation of attitude. And I also got to help several of my friends here at home overcome some of their own problems, and of course bonded even further with my pets. So at the end of the day, I was really needed here more than I was needed in Bali! And being of service to others always makes me happier than being of service just to myself :) I'll get my holiday when the time is right, I'm sure.

So that's my boring little heartwarming story of personal spiritual alchemy. All situations can be seen in a positive light and/or a negative light, because all experiences contain both reflections within them. It's up to you to choose where to place your focus!

This wasn't the first time this has happened, either. I had the same experience during my last break-up (June this year), and similar experiences even before that where 1:11 seemed to push me in one direction and then after that direction had turned me back, 1:11 was there again to reassure me that I hadn't made a mistake!

So what does it all mean? Nothing, of course. And yet it means everything. 11:11 is just like a mirror. All it does is tell you that you're in touch with your synchronicity. You're attracting your thoughts "efficiently"; both good & bad. It can be a warning or an affirmation, depending on the circumstances. It can also validate ideas that you have. But that doesn't make the idea valid. It makes your validation of the idea valid! So it's an indicator that your synchronicity is on. The real question is: how attuned is your intuition? Because the two go hand-in hand :)

11:11/1:11 simply says "Yes, the Universe is on. You can relax. It's working. Now, carry on :)"

What more than that it could mean is entirely up to you :) Just like everything else in this glorious cosmos!

Love, Light & Unity to all beings (and non-beings) in the cosmos! You are loved, always. Remember that Good luck out there. Enjoy your 11:11 experiences, play with them. Allow them to mean whatever they need to in order to empower you. Then you can never go wrong :)

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