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Here's what to do from a Reflexology standpoint:

for hands: find the tender spot on the thumb side of the wrist. this is where the hand meets the wrist, thumb side. should be a little tender as you rub it....rub for a good 5 minutes...doesn't matter which, right or left. this has helped me incredibly (this is your uterus reflex point by the way_

for feet: (if you are flexible...this reflex point is much quicker) find your ankle bone on the side of your foot, big toe side, ok? right underneath it, nice and tender spot... you should get quicker results from this point...takes only a minute for relief....

...also excellent if you happen to be in labor and in quite a lot of'll still have effective contractions but without the horrific pains of childbirth...

I am a Certified Reflexologist from the International Institute of Reflexology. This school is the BEST and I recommend it highly if anyone is interested in becoming certified in Reflexology...

lemme know how it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!