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Originally Posted by Jaycee
I was just wondering, as I sit here in pain, if anyone has any good tips & advice for coping with period pain? I suffer quite badly every month for the first couple of days, and have yet again resorted to quite strong pain killers to get me through. I try to avoid any type of medicine/drug otherwise, and would like to try some sort of natural pain relief or preventative measures instead.

What works best for this type of thing?

Hi Jaycee,

I suffer from fairly severe cramping each month, and have some pre-existing feminine issues relating to my ovaries which do contribute to additional discomfort monthly.

I suggest a nice cup of raspberry tea, a bubble bath, and by all means please avoid tampons. If you need to use a tampon, explore the option of natural sponge tampons or other natural methods. Regular drugstore tampons actually contain ingredients which prolong your period and can cause extra cramping.

Remember that you are woman, Divine. Your menses are a reminder that you are alive, vital, and full of life! Honor your period and your cramps and give thanks for the opportunity to carry the life blood within your womb.

Pamper yourself girlfriend.

Exhilerate yourself!