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Healing list

Often I find that when I have time, I like to do absent healing (usually Reiki) on friends, family or anyone that requires it. After reading some of the threads on this board, it's occured to me that some members here may like to recieve some too so my aim here is to create a list of names here for anyone wanting to recieve energy from myself or anyone else willing to participate with sending energy.

Energy can be sent to anyone at any time and is most often used to help clear emotional and phyisical pain. Please let whatever happens happen, you may not even feel the energy nor any change within you due to it but it will work if you keep an open mind and give it a chance.

If you're wanting to be put on the recieving list, post in here or PM me and I'll add you to this post though if you wish to keep it private, just mention in your PM that you don't wish to have your name up and it'll stay private.

Any friends and family that may require it may also be added.

If you're wanting to help send energy, please also post in this thread or PM me. If you require a bit of help to send it, let me know and I'll do the best I can to get you absent healing with the best of them.


Recieving List:
Bob & Mary (muddy1)
Buttercup McToots

Absent healing senders:
James (Spiritualist74)

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