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You’ll love the turkey tail mushroom. Might be cheaper to buy actual fresh garlic bulb (not the jarred pre-chopped stuff) as well as a fresh ginger root and just slice off a piece and eat it as opposed to buying them as supplements.

The holistic/naturopathic doctor I see doesn’t take insurance and she’s expensive, but if you have a regular doctor you can see for bloodwork that would be good. Most PCP’s will order just the very basic blood tests and not care to look much further beyond that, and if something does look a little off they don’t care to address it with anything more than prescription pills because that’s all they know how to do...address symptoms...not look for an underlying cause or root of a problem. Regular doctors have their place and conventional medicine saves lives in certain all means, I’m NOT suggesting you shouldn’t listen to them...however, I strongly recommend educating yourself first so that you can REQUEST they order certain specific blood tests.
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