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Sunshine i felt that message come along. those gifts do come across in your writing
with your numbers i meant they seemed to have a very friendly feel to them that jumped out at me
i did wonder if the 11, 110, 1110 and 1111 were binary numbers
that would be 3, 6, 14 and 15
not many 8's and 9's? octal numbers only have 0 to 7.. that could point to something to do with computers. i dont know. wild guess!

ps i keep seeing 9:11 on clocks have done for years. not much else with numbers though

i sort of thought not so much the meaning is what you make, but maybe the meaning was to focus you on something else like staring into a diamond you see something new in another direction thats being overlooked or unexplored that you already know about maybe. just guessing again. dream interpretation is more my thing i really don't have much of a handle on numbers so true numeroligists probably know best :)
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