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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
At times I see an awful lot of different double digits. I have done for years. I do not take these each as an individual message. I only do so if I see a number quite regularly.
If I see many different ones I just smile as it's sole message is to tell me I'm in the flow, tuned in, and that I'm not alone as spirit and angels are with me and letting me know by making me see these angel numbers.
So I only look up the specific meaning when I see it more often or if it absolutely stands out. Like once having to pay E8,88 in the supermarket. I asked for a receipt, haha.

I've seen 23:11 every night for weeks on end, which comes down to 11:11 when you use 24 hr notation. Now that does mean something as I saw it so often for weeks on end. Then I heed the message.
Now, as I'm typing it's 11:11, hihi.

"Not alone and that angels are with you" that is such a great message.

I have heard way too many videos up to now about seeing 11:11 , what stood out or what most said was that it is a sign about a union with and meeting your TF and/or soulmate/soul life partner

Keep up informed
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