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Originally Posted by davidmartin
Sunshine this intrigued me. Those look like very friendly numbers
How about instead of seeking meaning in them, maybe see them as pointers to the patterns flowing in the world around. What i mean is are they are telling you not to look at them but at the world and the changes taking place at the moment. they might be saying 'look you have senses and gifts you need to use much more' so they're kind of trying to frustrate you into hooking into and using them. in other words, the numbers just are symbolising something else needing to be explored and its not about messages in the numbers but the message of the numbers?

"Look you have senses and gifts you need to use more", I will take it as a message from you, thanks for this. This is a very true and accurate message.

It is just absolutely fascinating the unknown, the fact that I do not know it all and that I will be preoccupied the whole of my life learning something new and different each time which I think now it is related to these numbers and acting upon them.

Having said these, the last time I decided to follow and act upon number 11 , it just turned into absolute disaster for me so now, I need some "reliable" sources about the meaning of numbers as, I cannot restrict myself to "the meaning is what I make of" which seems to be one of your suggestions.

I never said that these numbers were not "friendly", just need to decode them.

"Look at this world and the changes that are taking place in it"...

Indeed, changes are taking place in it, some for the worse, others for the better, depending on the contribution and input to it.

I prefer not to look or sit and be a spectator, looking at the world as if watching a movie but, just keep acting and doing (is definitely much better than talking or looking).

Thank you so much for the message "look you have senses and gifts you need to use more".

P.S: First sychronicity in numbers noticed for today, 0606
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