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Are syncronicities ever red herrings?

I've always been more inclined towards spirituality but around 4 months ago I really started awakening and what stood out to me was synronicities. The more I read up on it, the more I started to see. I've been meditating and trying to connect with my guides and I have noticed them responding with the use of signs, numbers etc. And I was with a medium and I asked them to pass me a message (a message they had passed through another medium previously) and it worked. So I'm in no doubt that they are there and listening.

The initial syncronicities I experienced were actually relating to another person. it felt to me that they were pointing us both in the same direction, ensuring we were coming into contact and that we were going to continue to come into each other's path.

I do wonder though if I'm reading too much into this though and perhaps the sync was for another reason all together? It would be good to hear people's thoughts on this and their own experiences.
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