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the power of daydreaming

This is so typical, I take it as sheer synchronicity. Suddenly I keep finding Abraham Hicks clips where she talks about the power of daydreaming.
I never really thought about the power of that, the benefit, better yet, I kind of trained myself to not daydream anymore as I thought it wasn't good.
I'm not certain how I came to believe this, possible the spiritual world, intuitive development etc., teaching you have to be in the now.
Can also be that I got told to not daydream so much as a child. I clearly remember my mind was always drifting. I sometimes even ended up scrying, without knowing it as I was too young, by staring in the stainless steel teapot. I got in a trance state and I just liked the feeling of it.
And of course you then regularly get called by mom -maybe a teacher too- to pay attention.
On top of that there's life and experiences that didn't do me good and made me be on high alert most of the time. I still haven't shifted out of that, and it's having physical effects on me

Anywho, back on topic, it was almost shocking to now hear that daydreaming IS good and healthy!
Your mind quiets, calms down, and inspiration can come then as your resistance has gone.
Now you shouldn't really do it for that purpose, but more for the pleasure it brings you to daydream.
And you know what, I now find myself wondering, how do I daydream? And when did I stop doing that?
I AM not focused on / in the now regularly but then I'm pondering things that are not necessarily fun or relaxing, more trying to force solutions to surface, hihi.

Apart from wanting to tell about the power of daydreaming (if you want to know it in detail, search in YouTube for Abraham clips on it, I believe it's the newers ones) I'm also wondering if my story sounds familiar to you?

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