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Originally Posted by Baile
Wow, these threads and videos linking to that same site... that's all you? You are Capricorn, all organization and business. Impressive. And the artistic presentation, lots of heart and soul went into all that I see.

Regarding purpose: Why do we incarnate? To find a purpose, something to do? Or to learn that being conscious and conscientious is the purpose? Just a thought, and in fact age may play into that. The drive to be something in life wanes as one grows older. That said, I'm not sure sure I'd ever say knowing your life purpose is crucial. There is purpose enough in just living a joyful existence.

Thank you Baile! I really appreciate that =)

This series was inspired by the fact that most of those I have met and become close with over the past 4-5 years have anxiety, depression, or both.

The two most common themes that come up in my conversations in these relationships when they share what they are going through is that they feel lonely and don't see the point in life.

I agree, I think just living a joyful existence is enough. But it seems some folks more than others may need a goal to strive for to add weight to their existence?

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