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Absent Father EFT

Recently I started using EFT on myself to shift some of my fears, especially the ones causing my anxiety.

I was a few months old when my biological Dad left my Mum and disappeared off with another woman. I (obviously) don't remember it, but I think that a subconscious part of me does. When I was delving into my fears and traumas with EFT, I finally reached what I think may be the very bottom of my well of memories.

I found buried emotions in there from his leaving. I've never had any feelings like that about not having a Father. I have a great Mum and had loving grandparents. I never missed him much. I was happy, and I don't ONCE remember crying, or even being sad when I saw other kids with their dads. It never bothered me.

This made me wonder if we store more as babies than we're given credit for. I don't have any visual or even audio memories of this time of my life, but I definitely have strong feelings. And I quickly developed social problems afterwards, which snowballed into a general distrust of others, especially of social norms and promises. That affected me at school hugely and gave birth, over time, to the social anxiety I'm battling now.

I can see I'm going to have to EFT the heck out of this one to try and get those nasty feelings to shift. I had no idea that events that happened at such a young age could leave such scars. Makes me wonder how many other people suffer with this and never realise it!
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