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I, too, am seeking information on First Nations spirituality- but as was said early on, there is so much generic and misleading information it's very hard to know what is genuine and what is not.

As for my interest, I count myself as a Deist in the mold of Franklin and Jefferson; I believe in God (that's just a name, though, for whatever creative force is behind our existence- it might as well be Great Father) but beyond that I'm very skeptical- even rejectionist- of so-called organized and/or 'revealed' religions.

As for my name, it's a name applied to me in a recurring dream for years so I've just adopted it. I am not one to say 'I've always felt like I was connected to Native Americans' or claim an NA heritage (although family legend has it that there's some Iroquois way back in the closet somewhere), but this dream, I feel, is definitely trying to tell me something. If there is someone on the forums who is open to a go at interpreting the dream for me, I'm game to talk to them.

To that end, I've cast about looking for ways to incorporate some of the 'theology' of Native American spirituality in a very broad way. I use the names God and Great Spirit interchangeably, and as far as I'm concerned the legends of how we came to be are just as valid as any other. As I said, I don't claim NA heritage (even if I am a tiny bit, I couldn't prove it), and I certainly don't want to- or even appear to- appropriate or debase anyone's religion. I just think there's a lot of positive things we can all learn from the old ways, and I'd like to bring some of that back in some small way.
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