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dear wstein

i wrote a dear john letter so i thought i would also write a dear wstein letter. it is possible to look at attachments differently. the borders of the box are not clear here either.

looking with earth eyes you see and assume it is a drain. earth energy is too weak to choose to drain it in the first place. an attachment might also bring in fresh energy. such as channeling. earth eyes may see it as an attachment. spirit sees it as a merging.

earth eyes will see it as an invasion. but it is more of a co-operation. more of an augmentation.(note: i had to stop here and look up the word augmentation.) merging keeps both entities. i also know that when i am done, i am not drained but so full of energy i have to do things like clean a closet or go for a run to use it up.

it is time to stop looking at things negatively. or maybe it is just time to make a new box to put us in.

kk (augmented)
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