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Question Acknowledging dream within a dream?

Strangely enough this seems to be happening to me lately.
I don't consider it a false awakening because there is no awakening instead I often end up exclaiming in the dream something along the lines of "That isn't right, I must be dreaming." or telling someone "I think this is a dream."
It happens when I realize the most mundane things are out of place such as someones hair color not being the way it is dyed in the awake world but doesn't happen when everything is totally ludicrous.
My dreams tend to be very vivid and I can usually remember a lot of them but cannot usually exert any control over them besides the split second of realization its a dream. After that it goes back to as if I'm watching some crazy movie. Is this the beginning of being able to Lucid Dream? Are there different levels of Lucid Dreaming in which you cannot control actions or manipulate things within the dream?
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