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Originally Posted by pluralone
This is what you personally think, based on your beliefs. While I agree that there may be some major environmental factors going on here, I don't understand why you would state your opinion in this way ("I just hope you realize..."). That kind of assertion doesn't invite further conversation; it's more apt to evoke a defensive response in the OP or, less severely, no response at all. End of discussion either way. That's unfortunate; I think you may have had some interesting info to add here.

well I apologize to the poster in question if saying "I just hope you realize" sounded confrontational. Does she, the recent commenter, agree?
I can see how you might be right, but I can see how your perspective is overly sensitive - think of it this way- my passing observation and input to the comment is, gosh, there is a lot going on there physically - that's all.
There was a lot going on there physically, it's that simple. They posted their issue, asked for feedback, and some random person such as me notes, maybe you could hold off on the psychic vampire or black magic or voodoo hokey pokey and just acknowledge there is a lot of physical stuff going on. IMO it's a rational response to what he posted from someone who doesn't know much more about the situation to just suggest that maybe she or he should see a doctor, and out of concern that someone might "just hope she realizes" there is a wider array of possible interpretations here. I didn't intend it to start more discussion; I just hoped for their sake that their bases were covered.
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