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Originally Posted by RiversLady

Another reason goes along the same lines as keeping your name a secret. If a powerful
Shaman got ahold of your name, they could work magic against you or enslave you.

May I respectfully ask about revealing our names? My 'Native' name was given to me by a Lakota sister in ceremony. The name was heard by friends and soon traveled the powwow trail with me..everyone calling me Snowdove. I am concerned about it not being a secret now. I am aware of powerful Shamans and the magic they have..and dont want to give them any power over me.
My Medicine name is secret though. Only the Elders that gifted it to me and myself know it. Is it the Medicine name you speak of, or did I make an error many years ago to keep allowing all to call me by my given name of Snowdove?
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