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Originally Posted by revolver
It seem that what you say is how I see our true Self, my experience beyond the mind was an awakening I had, in the awakening I experienced all that there is, all was One. We are all One in Consciousness, or the Source, the mind body arises from the Source and when it dies the Source is still there, it hasn't gone anywhere, this is my experience.
I easily agree.. so what we're involved in right now is something of a slice of this Oneness. We are currently an expression of an aspect of such wholeness. This is indeed a legitimate, soul related experience, to be present in the forms that we are.

Our soul-ness is forever while our presence in this form is a comparatively short process. What we're doing right now is unique. We have wrapped ourselves with-in a physically formed composite of both experience and perception. We are "physically realized" to the point of compete immersion.

How can that not be amazing?

So while here, look around. Observe and absorb. If we long for our "source" while embedded within this 'expression of reality' we loose focus on the uniqueness of our surroundings. We define it dismissively and loose focus on alignment. This "is" a spiritual experience. It's tactile in a way that's hard to experience otherwise. Our soul is doing this specifically for the exposure it provides.

The value is not in what beliefs that are generated, but in the simple physical act of being present and engaged. Heaven can wait.. it'll be there as soon as we're done here.. :)
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