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Originally Posted by Firetastic
Is science getting closer to proving the afterlife or not? Will there be a tool that they can use to prove there is an afterlife? I'm not a sciency person but would love to find hard evidence for all the sceptics out there that there is more to this life than meets the eye literally.

Your thoughts please.

You may only find such evidence on your own ....... Any Scientist may also discover this on his/her own , as a Brain surgeon did a few years back "Proof Of Heaven" ......still it will not be accepted by those who have NOT experienced it and do not have the comprehension to understand it.

Will there be a tool to prove it?? Perhaps ..... but not a mechanical tool . YOU may be that tool! not your "person/ego identity" .......but the hidden identity you may one day uncover. Its a Vibrational thing ....... the Healer is the Divine , the one ALIGNED with the Healer Divine can conduct that Energy Vibration to others. So why not the same via raising a Vibration in Self (No Self) in which you FLUSH momentarily ego identity OUT of Self and thus another~! The Veil Drops and the afterlife can be perceived ~
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