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Adam Phan
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Heal the Body Program

Raw Organic Diet

We stress the body's immune system every day by eating foods that have chemicals and genetically modified ingredients (Conventional Diet). The body works harder to get rid of them and uses a considerable amount of energy. Energy that can be put to use for activities that's more productive and enjoyable. By switching to a Raw Organic Diet you will notice a tremendous increase in energy, stamina, strength and your whole well-being. In addition you will save money in the long run because expenses on prescription drugs, doctor visits, sick days, rest periods, and health products will be all together eliminated.

Natural Untouched Water

The water that comes out of our tap contains rat poison, fluoride and 150 other different toxic chemicals that hits our body's immune system everyday. Combine this with a conventional diet makes this a deadly duo, the source of all our health problems. Bottled and filtered water from the major water companies do not have the Natural Untouched Water and filtration that Mother Nature provides. Not everybody can have access Natural Artesian Spring Water, however there are solutions that is inexpensive and local.


Your consciousness is the birth plane of all your decisions in life, decisions are made before you are aware of them. Low consciousness causes unawareness of your well-being, cycles of problems arise of this state. Higher consciousness eliminates the cycles, enhances awareness by giving you access to universal intelligence...the All That Is. The Universal Love Energy Transmission brings you into a higher state of consciousness; the process is natural, automatic, safe and very practical.

Universe, Consciousness, Heart, Brain, Immune System, & D.N.A. Connection

Your consciousness connects to your heart, the heart connects to your brain, and the brain connects to the immune system. The Universal Love Energy Transmission will facilitate healing of the heart, therefore heals the brain and heals the immune system. This process is done via an organic bio-chemical process that takes place in the brain; balances the chemicals in both hemispheres, quiets down the parietal lobes, activates the frontal lobes of the brain.

Over time new cells replace the old cells in the body. Each cells talk to each other (the human body have 10 trillion cells) via D.N.A. Communication. The cell's D.N.A. is reprogrammed with new information for increased in communication strength, speed, and quality of information. Your unconscious mind (D.N.A. Communication) runs your behavior, decision making, and actions in life is automatic. D.N.A. communicates with every other people's D.N.A. in the world in a network. This network is also connected to the DNA network of other living things.

The heart, brain, immune system, cells, D.N.A., body, all living things, objects, the universe and consciousness are all made up of the same energy. The Universal Love Energy is an energy that flows and penetrates everything in the universe. It is an energy that cleans, balances, reprograms, structures and heal on contact across time and space.

We are one human expressed in the many, we are all connected deeply. Healing your heart heals the rest of humanity's heart and affects everything in the universe. This lowers the conflict levels of your inner space, your family, neighborhood,city, country and the world. When people are happy they will not cause harm to others.

Stay Away From

Alcohol (including wine, champagne is exception for ie...celebration)
Chemicals (M.S.G., Thiamine Mononitrate, and Aspartame...are the major ones)
Conventional candy
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Fast food
Long periods in front a monitor
Carbonated beverages
Conventional restaurants (over 90% of food contains chemicals & G.M.O.)
Nearby powerlines
Cigarette smoke
News (T.V., newspaper)
Radio (talk show, news)
Books (unless you are a student , a professional, or read for fun)
Pharmaceutical drugs
Fluoride toothpaste
Household chemicals


What is the payoff for investing in health? (in addition to higher consciousness benefits)

Constant & immediate energy 24/7
Increased productivity & efficiency
All work becomes play
No mid-day energy crash
No energy "roller coaster"
Addiction eliminated
Increased sexual stamina
Enhanced sensory of the five senses
Rapid cellular growth, rejuvenation, repair & replacement
Significant decreased in physical pain
Physical confidence
Freedom to look and move around
Unexplainable body bliss
Comfortable in your body
Automatic response to circumstances
Automatic & immediate action
Energy conservation
Journey into Breathatarian (in extremely high states of consciousness and almost perfect health)
Decreased appetite
Physical protection
Respect for the body


Organic Food Markets:
Whole Foods, PCC. They have a wide selection of organic produce and products. You can practically find anything in organic from cleaning supplies to international food! Make sure you only read the ingredient label (not nutrition label, it's not important). If the majority of the ingredients doesn't say organic, sound organic, chemical, or you can't pronounce the name...don't buy it! Labels that shows All Natural doesn't mean it's organic, look for USDA Organic labels and Organic labels that's clearly marked.

Artesian aquifer: Locate them in your area using search engines. They are free to fill up and water runs constantly 24/7. All you need is a couple of 5 gallon plastic water containers (PVC free). Then transfer the water to a glass Carboy to keep the purity of the water, make sure you keep it in in a dark cool place away from sunlight. You will need a Carboy cleaner when storing water for a long time.

Water Filter: There are many water filters out there, the best ones are the ones that filters as close to the way nature filters water. I recommend Nikken PiMag Aqua Pour gravity water system (now called PiMag Waterfall), I have been using this for years.

Shower Filter: The body's biggest organ is the skin, it is like sponge that is highly absorbent. Chemicals from shampoo, conditioner, body wash, chlorine and water gets absorbed into the body instantly. The lungs also absorb chemicals as you breath water vapors into your lungs. Over time the chemicals accumulate into your body and overload your immune system. I use Fusion Excel International's Quantum Spa to chlorinate the water coming from your shower. I suggest you to use all natural soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

All Natural & Organic Dental Care Products: Fluoride and many other chemicals that goes into your mouth are very toxic to your health because it goes right to your brain. Use products that are fluoride free and NOT approved by the ADA. You can find all natural & organic toothpaste, floss and mouthwash at your local all natural and organic market.

Remove Mercury Teeth Fillings: Mercury is a highly toxic element and should not be in your mouth. The Mercury fillings decays, washes down from the mouth and you ingest it over time. There are holistic dentists that will replace them with Composite filings, they are more attractive, durable and blends seamlessly with your teeth.

Universal Love Energy Transmission: Receiving this energy will bring you to a higher state of consciousness to facilitate healing of the heart, brain and body. This is a critical step because it is the foundation for all other solutions to build upon.

Nature: Get in touch with nature by talking walks barefoot on grass, sand, pure dirt. Hug trees to receive healing energy directly from mother earth. Surround yourself with nature by going to environment with lush trees, plant, and wild life. Nature will heal you when you embrace it.

Take care of yourself, you will automatically take care of the world. - Adam Phan
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