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Buddhist sub-culture

I've been participating here for little over a year I guess now.
And was wondering why I seem to react so strongly here in comparison to some of the other forum's I have been a member off or have been participating in.

So I have been reading older posts within this sub-forum. And I noticed that there is a strange Buddhist sub-culture forming here. Very little listening very much boasting about the understanding one has of what Buddhism means to the individual.

Sutta's are quoted only when they strengthens ones claims. All in all very little discussion regardless of the length of some threads..

I am probably too invested to make a thorough and un-opinionated conclusion. So I won't. All I can say is that what we see here, even in the posts of those who claim to walk the talk. Gautama would turn in his grave to if he saw what his teachings gave rise to in spiritual lala land 2500 years later.

He did predict it though..

With Love
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