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Originally Posted by NoOne
Great Idea.

My own experiences with Kundalini Awakening were broadly similar to what Gopi Krishna describes in his books, so I won’t repeat them here. There were some differences however, which is the part I find interesting.

Prior to my full awakening, I experienced the spinning of the chakras, particularly in the solar plexus. The Kundalini really did feel like a living serpent, it was a physical sensation of movement inside my body and it would constantly butt its head against the various blocks that were impeding its movement. It would keep butting its head against a block until it was cleared.

When it got to the heart chakra, the block was too stubborn (and Karmic), so I suffered greatly, with chest pain, anxiety and panic attacks.

Another difference compared to Gopi Krishna is that these problems were resolved relatively quickly, due to divine help. The Goddess decided to descend from heaven in person and perform Shaktipat on me. She also caused my Kundalini to rise all the way to the top by merging with me energetically and giving me her own power.

I stayed in contact with the Goddess in her diverse forms and various other divine beings through the years, which is another notable difference.
She also taught me how to heal and how to protect myself against psychic attacks and malevolent entities.

There seem to be a couple of people here who’ve had similar interactions with higher beings, I wonder how common it actually is and how much of it is a result of a fully activated Kundalini. In my case at least, the serpent needs to be lodged in the Sahasrara to enable me to do anything noteworthy in the spiritual realm.


Would you say that there is a link between channelling the Goddess in as connecting with the kundalini awakening?

Secondly, is the awakening replicable or does it depend on Divine grace?

In my case I felt no serpent (just shows the differences in the manner of felt experience) but I’m slow in writing so I’ll get to it as I proceed

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