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Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow

Your dear Mordechai is very aware of your families feelings towards him. The feline species are very intuitive. They tend to show up in the most unusual places in the etheric realms, only to promptly disappear again. They cannot seem to sit still for very long. They are naturally inquisitive and attracted to things which appeal to them. One of the most notable of such things are the bonds that they have formed with other species, which are extensive. This of course, will include you. He still occupies a presence of and within the Earth, on multiple frequencies of reality.

Meeting and greeting other species of various shapes and sizes, including those of what you may identify as the mystical world. For instance, those of the faerie and their associative expression. But also birds, mice and other small commonly known species of your own world. As well, I must say, more larger animals. Being resonant to the feline vibration there is a great expression to do with exploration, interaction and general nosiness of what other things are doing around them. So with this said, Mordechai is not simply habitually sleeping, but constantly investigating to see what there is to be seen, felt, heard and smelled. There is also an affinity for guidance and offering compassionate companionships. He also walks as a spirit guide to other felines.


Dear Sparrow, I know that reply was for Justin but I have also found it helpful. I am looking after a cat who was abandoned. Our relationship has been a long slow process, but it has mainly been my noticing how attached she is to me and how much joy I seem to bring her, that has opened my heart to her.

Now I have a dog who is waiting for me in Spirit and shows me so by her connections with me bless her lovely Soul.

This cat HATES dogs! With a vengeance. She also hates other cats, and most other people except certain cat-loving women....and remarkably -me! (who is a "dog person"! haha)

So I talked to her and told her how things stand and that I am going to be with a dog when I cross over, like it or not. I told her she can come along with us for the ride if she likes, and that she will be most welcome with me and with my dog.

I found it difficult to imagine the scenario, and had many hilarious moments imagining it! (From my dog having to perpetually shape-shift, to other unimaginables) Yikes.
But then I thought -I don't know the half of it yet. I am sure with Spirit, things will work themselves out.
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