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Just like our body has charka's and meridian lines , so does the planet earth in theory. Also you must take into consideration that the earth naturally wants to vibrate at an alpha wave level of 7.5hz or so. But with all the technology and radio waves being emitted, it is being disturbed by very high frequency's that are very high up into the 60-70hz, which does have a effect on people and in my opinion the planet.

I think places like the Bermuda triangle are gate ways, that are still vibrating on a different frequency wave to the rest of the planet, so once you enter these area's quite simply you may disappear! to another dimension/frequency range.........

My Dad was in the Navy and i believe that he ether past through the Bermuda triangle or went around it. And he did state that all the electronics went off the ship, and (He had to drive the ship manually)....and navigate the old fashion way until the technology started working again.

Its defiantly something to do with Earth and the Moon, the electromagnetic fields! if its effecting technology on ships, and even planes.

There may be places like this all over the world, they could be anywhere even in cities in my opinion! gateways to other worlds.
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