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Originally Posted by Plymouth Fury
so much pain and resentment i is so thickly pouring out of this tech right now it is almost physically palpable. your Higher Self is GOD the state of being which we have all forgotten....Gods playing a game that forgot it was a game! and since, ultimately, we all control like 90% of our immediate realities through our thoughts, deeds, and actions (10% attributed to complete chaos/chance), it seems natural (although to me quite insane) to blame our Higher Selves...but leave the Guides OUT of it for mercys sake....they guide. thats it. they love...thats it. they will ALWAYS be there, as they have always been there, as YOU have always been HERE. btw as long as we are on the topic of album covers, do you play any instruments? looking to start an online Truther me a guitarist, need a couple other peeps

have a look at this i touch on a lot of topics, and now you may have given me a new idea for a is interesting to think about, how possible it is to resent the very ones who are there to help us, and as well resent our very inner Self. blame everybody and everything except US. i find you fascinating Sir...and i am not being condascending either.

You shouldn't be the one to talk because you don't know my circumstances. If you are planning to make a video about me and turn me into a laughing stock then go ahead, I couldn't care less. Mind you, I have already explained earlier in this thread that maybe I went a little bit over the top regarding the guides part, but still it doesn't change the fact that I resent my ''higher self'' and anything and anyone that is responsible for my situation. It can't be me, because I personally would never agree to something like this prior to my birth. So who/what else do I have left to blame then but my higher self and those who could've prevented how stuff turned out to be?

To answer your second question, no I don't play any instruments and even if I did, my style of music would probably not be something you're into (correct me if I'm wrong though).
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